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annotated qt variant (annotqt)
author C. Masloch <>
date Thu, 25 Oct 2012 18:40:16 +0200
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files annotqt.asm
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--- /dev/null	Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
+++ b/annotqt.asm	Thu Oct 25 18:40:16 2012 +0200
@@ -0,0 +1,152 @@
+;86dos/nasm/quine       ; annotated qt variant! (but regular payload)
+                ; a minimal header has been retained as a necessary
+                ;  identifier, which is naturally present both in the
+                ;  source and as the program's "sign-on" message
+                ; this includes the copyright status and change dates
+cpu 8086        ; this variant is semantically valid and entirely
+org 256         ;  equivalent to the original, only shorter!
+a:              ; short for alpha, this replaces start
+mov dx,d        ; short for and replaces data
+mov cx,D        ; capital letters replace _size prefixed labels
+call c          ; short for converted, formerly disp_converted
+mov di,d
+l:              ; all labels are short forms, including loop here
+mov dx,p        ; prefix and prefix_size here use the same convention
+mov cx,P        ;  as described for data and data_size above
+call u          ; as d is already taken, this is short for unconverted
+mov dx,di
+mov al,10
+mov cx,-1       ; note the lack of blanks after commas
+repne scasb     ;  and of course all the indentation is also missing
+mov cx,di
+dec cx
+dec cx
+sub cx,dx
+call u
+mov dx,s        ; formerly suffix
+mov cx,S        ; formerly suffix_size
+call u
+cmp di,o        ; (see second-to-last line)
+jne l
+mov dx,e        ; formerly end
+mov cx,E        ; formerly end_size
+call u
+mov ax,4C00h    ; still not an 86-DOS 1.x (less reliable) call style
+int 33          ; deeming some rather odd things acceptable here
+c:              ; (disp_)converted
+mov si,dx
+jcxz .d
+.l:             ; this could be shortened further to just . (dot)
+cmp al,64       ; same as the int 33, 64 is shorter than 40h
+jne .n
+push cx
+push si
+call .t
+mov dx,q        ; formerly doublequote
+mov cx,Q        ; formerly doublequote_size
+call u
+pop dx
+pop cx
+loop .l
+inc si
+lea cx,[si-1]
+sub cx,dx
+mov bx,1        ; same as the original not using the CP/M-style call
+mov ah,64       ; (again 40h written in decimal)
+int 33          ;  though it doesn't allow writing dollar signs anyway
+retn            ; this could use the ret alias but i dislike it
+db '"'
+Q equ $-q
+db 'db "'       ; such indirection could probably be simplified
+P equ $-p
+db '",13,10',13,10
+S equ $-s
+db "o:",13,10
+db "D equ $-d",13,10
+E equ $-e
+d:              ; here comes the qt payload in its full 700-byte glory
+db ";86dos/nasm/quine",13,10
+db ";public-domain,20110613,20121025,ecm",13,10
+db "cpu 8086",13,10
+db "org 256",13,10
+db "a:",13,10
+db "mov dx,d",13,10
+db "mov cx,D",13,10
+db "call c",13,10
+db "mov di,d",13,10
+db "l:",13,10
+db "mov dx,p",13,10
+db "mov cx,P",13,10
+db "call u",13,10
+db "mov dx,di",13,10
+db "mov al,10",13,10
+db "mov cx,-1",13,10
+db "repne scasb",13,10
+db "mov cx,di",13,10
+db "dec cx",13,10
+db "dec cx",13,10
+db "sub cx,dx",13,10
+db "call u",13,10
+db "mov dx,s",13,10
+db "mov cx,S",13,10
+db "call u",13,10
+db "cmp di,o",13,10
+db "jne l",13,10
+db "mov dx,e",13,10
+db "mov cx,E",13,10
+db "call u",13,10
+db "mov ax,4C00h",13,10
+db "int 33",13,10
+db "c:",13,10
+db "mov si,dx",13,10
+db "jcxz .d",13,10
+db ".l:",13,10
+db "lodsb",13,10
+db "cmp al,64",13,10
+db "jne .n",13,10
+db "push cx",13,10
+db "push si",13,10
+db "call .t",13,10
+db "mov dx,q",13,10
+db "mov cx,Q",13,10
+db "call u",13,10
+db "pop dx",13,10
+db "pop cx",13,10
+db ".n:",13,10
+db "loop .l",13,10
+db ".d:",13,10
+db "inc si",13,10
+db ".t:",13,10
+db "lea cx,[si-1]",13,10
+db "sub cx,dx",13,10
+db "u:",13,10
+db "mov bx,1",13,10
+db "mov ah,64",13,10
+db "int 33",13,10
+db "retn",13,10
+db "q:",13,10
+db "db '@'",13,10
+db "Q equ $-q",13,10
+db "p:",13,10
+db "db 'db @'",13,10
+db "P equ $-p",13,10
+db "s:",13,10
+db "db '@,13,10',13,10",13,10
+db "S equ $-s",13,10
+db "e:",13,10
+db "db @o:@,13,10",13,10
+db "db @D equ $-d@,13,10",13,10
+db "E equ $-e",13,10
+db "d:",13,10
+o:              ; the first label being alpha this last one is omega
+D equ $-d